Will WebRTC Disclose Our IP?

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC┬áis web real-time communication. It is a technology that allows voice, video chat, and P2P sharing on the browser without adding any browser extension. Many people may not be exposed to this, but users who use VPN may understand this. The reason is that WebRTC has a very serious vulnerability. Website administrators can easily see the user’s real IP through the vulnerability. Even if users use VPN to hide their IP, they can still be detected through this vulnerability.

The principle of this vulnerability is to involve other aspects. WebRTC penetrates the firewall in the VoIP network through protocol stacks such as STUN, TURN, and ICE. When our sending request is sent to the server, the syn service area will return the IP and LAN address of the system we use.

The returned request can be obtained through JavaScript. It can be said that JS is an important factor for the website to obtain user information. Whenever the browser supports WebRTC and JavaScript, even if VPN is used, the website can easily obtain our information.

Can an anti-detect browser be used to solve this problem?

Lalicat antidetect browser has modified all factors that may track the fingerprint information of our browser, including JS, which can be said to eliminate all information that may affect the tracking of the website. Compared with VPN, Lalicat anti-detect browser can modify browser fingerprints on the computer to protect the privacy of users.

For users, their privacy has always been crucial. Lalicat anti-detect browser can well prevent our information from being leaked, and there is no need to worry that the platform will detect us. They can only get the information we simulated.