VPS VS Fingerprint Browser for Anti-Association

Is it better to use the VPS or fingerprint browser for anti-association?

I believe many users who have just come into contact with the anti-association problem have a question in their hearts. Why do some people say using VPS virtual server or fingerprint browser? So what is the difference between the two? Which should I use? VPS is the virtual server, a product separated from the independent server through certain technical means. The most common use of VPS is for small and medium-sized enterprises to rent VPS to build web pages, so as to reduce operating costs. In the market, if you directly buy servers, it may take tens of thousands to millions of dollars, and you also need to cooperate with special personnel to manage and maintain them. Such costs are unaffordable for many small and medium-sized enterprises, so renting VPS has become their best choice.

How does VPS relate to anti-association?

Because VPS separates multiple virtual servers from independent servers through technical means, each virtual server has an independent IP, and users log in to multiple accounts through multiple independent IPs to realize anti-association between accounts.

But the original intention of VPS is not to prevent association, so it has many disadvantages in preventing association. First, VPS may have the possibility of cross login. Because VPS is in the form of a lease, you can’t guarantee what this IP address has done before. If the purpose of previous users is the same as yours, then your accounts may be associated.

Secondly, because VPS charges according to different lines in different regions, and if you need multiple lines to meet the demand, the cost is also relatively expensive.

What are the advantages of the fingerprint browser?

The anti-association browser can be said to be a product specially designed to prevent association. We take the Lalicat anti-association browser on the market as an example. It can completely and effectively simulate the virtual browser environment, create a completely different UA, cookie and hardware environment, and isolate each browser environment from the other.

At the same time, the Lalicat fingerprint browser can also store a large number of browser configuration files that have been created. Lalicat anti-association browser can also support multiple members of the team to log in together. Lalicat anti-association browser is an indispensable cornerstone of enterprise team cooperation. At the same time, it also facilitates the convenience and practicability of personnel work handover.

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