Lalicat Virtual Browser

Which is useful to prevent accounts from association? The virtual browser or VPS?

VPS (virtual private server) is a tool used by cross-border e-commerce in the past, but can VPS really prevent accounts from association? With the development of the Internet, cross-border e-commerce platforms are constantly updated and upgraded, and the risk control of major platforms has been strengthened to a certain extent. The virtual browser was also born at this time, so which is easy to use VPS or the virtual browser?

What is VPS?
Under normal circumstances, the performance and resources of VPS come from the server mother machine, so the performance of VPS will not be higher than that of the mother machine. Of course, if the configuration of the master computer is not good, VPS will also be affected accordingly. Secondly, VPS is not safe. It is easy to be invaded by hackers or infected with viruses. Because it shares a line with the host computer, if there is a problem in any section, all VPS will be affected.

What is virtual browser?
When we use the browser to browse websites, our fingerprints will be read by the platform, such as IP, system region, graphics card information, CPU model, etc., which are the reasons for the account association. The browser that can modify this information to achieve the effect of anti-association is called a virtual browser.

Can the virtual browser be modified?
It can be easily realized by using Lalicat virtual browser. Lalicat can create multiple independent virtual browsers with different browser fingerprints by modifying Chrome kernel code. It supports running multiple browsers at the same time and setting different login environments for each account to realize the real physical isolation of the browser. The fingerprint camouflage effect is also very good and the anti-association is natural.

Therefore, in contrast, the virtual browser has a better function and is a necessary tool for e-commerce operation!