Lalicat Virtual Browser

Can virtual browsers disguise browser fingerprints?

Many people may not know the concept of browser fingerprint tracking technology. In short, it is a technology used by websites to identify web users and track their browsing footprints through special algorithms. Moreover, it is difficult to get rid of the fingerprint tracking technology of the browser. Even if you use the privacy window of the browser to browse, you can’t really be anonymous and will still be accurately located by the website.

The best way is to modify the browser fingerprint with Lalicat virtual browser, a particularly effective anti-fingerprint tracking tool, to deal with the browser fingerprint detection technology of the website.

How is the camouflage effect of Lalicat virtual browser?
The effect is naturally very good, because Lalicat virtual browser does not package the browser fingerprint, but directly modifies the underlying code of the browser’s kernel. It is no exaggeration to say that its camouflage effect can reach 100%, which is one of the best in the industry.

How does Lalicat virtual browser disguise browser fingerprint?

When creating a browser, modify some basic browser fingerprints, such as user agent, browser plugins, operating system (Windows, Mac OS), system font, etc., so that the fingerprints of each browser are different.

By randomly generating computer name and MAC address, anti disclosure settings are made to deal with the detection of Amazon and other websites.

You can also directly click to obtain the random configuration to generate multiple browser profiles with different fingerprints, so as to provide a stable login environment for the account.

Moreover, Lalicat virtual browser can also combine 911 S5, YiLu S5, NetNut, Bright Data, Smartproxy and other proxies to set a specified IP for each browser, realize the camouflage of IP and help users open more browser windows to manage accounts.