virtual browser

What is a virtual browser?

When many people share a computer, we not only need to switch accounts back and forth but also worry that our browsing records will be seen by others. And sometimes, we have registered multiple accounts on the same platform for public and private sharing. If there is no second computer to operate, it will not only be troublesome but also lead to the account is associated. Large platforms with perfect risk control mechanisms such as Facebook and INS do not allow users to register more accounts. Once they are associated, the accounts will be banned.

How to prevent an account from being associated?
If we work on the same computer as at home and have multiple platform accounts, how can we operate it? In fact, someone has long considered this problem for us and invented virtual browser software, such as Lalicat virtual browser to open more accounts and effectively prevent the phenomenon of account Association.
Lalicat anti-detect virtual browser is different from ordinary browsers. It can create different browser environments on one computer, and each environment runs independently, which is equivalent to an independent computer. The data between them are isolated and not interconnected, effectively preventing the association between multiple accounts on the same platform.

What is the use of a virtual browser?
Whether you are working or at home, Lalicat can provide you with a good online environment to ensure your privacy and security. Generally, websites and platforms will track and record users’ online behavior and determine users’ identities by detecting users’ browser fingerprints. In the face of this situation, ordinary browsers are helpless, but Lalicat virtual browser can easily deal with it.

Lalicat virtual browser can modify every fingerprint parameter and simulate a false fingerprint. When the website detects our browser fingerprint, it can only mistakenly think that it is our real fingerprint and collect and record it. Therefore, it can perfectly hide our real identity and realize anonymous browsing.

In the era of information flooding, we should not only avoid invalid information but also learn to protect our own information security. Using the Lalicat virtual antidetect browser can not only help us easily switch back and forth between work and private mode but also effectively prevent our personal privacy from being tracked and leaked.