Lalicat Virtual Browser

Can virtual browser replace VPS?

What is a virtual browser? Many sellers who do cross-border e-commerce have heard of it, and some sellers have even used it for some time. So what is it? Why do so many users use it?

What is a virtual browser?
Before the popularity of virtual browser, have all cross-border e-commerce companies used VPS. VPS is a virtual dedicated server. As everyone who has used it knows, it can indeed prevent accounts from association, but the anti-association effect is not very good, and even VPS will be disconnected. The association rules of cross-border e-commerce platforms have also been updated. Under such strong risk control, VPS is gradually useless. Instead, using a virtual browser.

Why can virtual browser replace VPS? How to define a good virtual browser?
There must be a strong reason why virtual browser can replace VPS. The anti-association of virtual browser is much better than VPS. For example, Lalicat virtual browser creates multiple virtual browsers for modifying browser fingerprints by modifying Chrome kernel code. Each browser is completely isolated, and the anti-association is naturally strong.

In addition, the compatibility of a good virtual browser should also meet the standard. The risk control of many platforms will be updated from time to time. If the virtual browser does not make the corresponding update, there may also be associated risks. Lalicat virtual browser has a professional technical background. The technology team will update the corresponding version according to the risk control of each platform in time and put the user’s account security first.