Lalicat Virtual Browser

Can the virtual browser protect Amazon account security?

Many sellers who operate Amazon stores will register multiple accounts, and even have dozens or hundreds of accounts. However, with so many accounts, the management will not be very convenient. More importantly, it is necessary to take anti-association measures. If they are associated, the accounts will be banned. Is it true that a virtual browser can protect account security from being associated?

What is a virtual browser?
Many Amazon sellers will call it an anti-detect browser, but some people like to call it an anti-association browser. Because the control rules of e-commerce platforms are more strict, multiple accounts will be easily associated and banned. Users have the need to prevent association, so Lalicat virtual browser was born. Lalicat has been doing well in solving the problem that user accounts are associated with. The reason is that Lalicat virtual browser has a large fingerprint library. Users can directly use the fingerprint of the fingerprint library to create a new browser, so that the platform can not detect the user’s real browser fingerprint and play the role of anti-association.

What else does Lalicat do for Amazon?
Yes, Lalicat virtual browser is not just for anti-association. Users can batch register accounts in a short time. They only need to pay attention that the registered information is not the same, and they can complete batch registration.

There are still many virtual browsers on the market, but there are many differences in function and response speed. Choosing a good virtual browser is the key to Amazon long-term operation.