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Can the virtual browser prevent WhatsApp accounts from being banned?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging software under Facebook. Because of its ultra-high reading rate and the ability to directly send product information to customers without adding customer friends, WhatsApp has created a high marketing rate for sellers. It has been used by many sellers for marketing and achieved good results. However, recently, more and more e-commerce sellers have encountered the situation of the account being banned. What are the reasons for account being banned?

Why Whatapp account is banned?
1. The login environment is not secure
For websites such as WhatsApp, some people will choose to use the VPN to help log in, but because VPN randomly assigns IP to users, it is easy for the platform to think that the user account is stolen, resulting in abnormal login. However, Lalicat anti-detect browser can modify the hardware profile of the browser. If each browser is combined with a proxy IP, it is equivalent to different computers in different regions, which can provide users with a clean network environment and help users successfully log in to WhatsApp account.

2. Frequent replacement of login devices
Many foreign trade people have more than one WhatsApp account, and sometimes need to travel. They may frequently change their login devices and easily confuse their accounts, which can easily lead to account being banned. As a browser that can generate several physical isolation environments on the same computer, Lalicat virtual browser makes the browser profiles relatively independent. Bind a browser for each account. Each time you log in, you only need to open the corresponding browser, and there will be no account confusion. Moreover, Lalicat virtual browser does not restrict login devices. As long as the registered account is bound with the paid plan, no matter where you log in with any computer, all browser fingerprint information and account data can be synchronized automatically.

3. Publishing advertisements or contents that do not meet the regulations and being reported by other users for many times will also lead to the ban of the account.

The first two issues can be handled with a tool- Lalicat virtual browser, while the last one needs to be more cautious while operating.