Lalicat Virtual Browser

How to use the virtual browser to prevent the account from being blocked in multi account operation?

With the popularity of cross-border e-commerce, many sellers want to join the cross-border e-commerce industry. For novice sellers, ensuring account security and long-term stability is an inevitable problem. However, many novice sellers will make many principled problems when operating accounts. This article provides you with an idea of the overall operation of accounts.

There is nothing to say about a single account. As long as there is no violation, the platform will not do anything to your account. The problem mainly occurs in the operation of multiple accounts.

For multi account operation, you should first pay attention to the account registration.

When we register multiple accounts, we should pay attention to the difference of registered information. If accounts’ profiles are the same, the platform must detect them and ban them.

Secondly, network environment
The network environment of each account must be different, because now with the update of technology, many cross-border e-commerce platforms will determine whether our account is used by the same person through the fingerprint information of the browser. This is also a headache for many novices in e-commerce. How to change the network environment? The simplest is to change a network cable, but the cost is too high.

In fact, there is still a way. Lalicat virtual browser can effectively solve this problem. Lalicat uses the unique virtual browser technology to create different fingerprint information through the virtual browser, so that each account can be bound with a clean network operation environment to achieve the purpose of anti-association.

Finally, repeatability of product
The repeatability of goods is also a mistake that many novices are prone to make. The pictures and text descriptions of things in the operation of multiple stores should not be the same. If they must be repeated, they should not exceed the standard of 30%.