Lalicat Virtual Browser

How to use virtual browser to prevent account association?

Many novice who has just used Facebook and INS for marketing have such a question. Why do others have so many fans? But they have been banned soon. Why?

A large part of the reason is that the anti-association of accounts is not done well, and the management of multiple accounts is directly carried out under the same operating environment (mainly browser fingerprint and IP), which is detected as account association by the platform and banned. Another part of the reason is the direct marketing, without a good platform account.

If you want to do the anti-association of many accounts, it is best to log in to each account, change the IP and clear the cache, but this can only have a little anti-association effect, and can not deal with those platforms that detect browser fingerprints (system version, browser version, font, etc.). Therefore, for platforms such as INS and Facebook that detect browser fingerprints, we still need to use the software that can modify browser fingerprints – Lalicat virtual browser to prevent account association.

What is the Lalicat virtual browser?
Lalicat virtual browser is a software that can simulate the browser hardware profile. By modifying the browser fingerprint, it can isolate the browser cookies and IP, provide a clean login environment for the account, and truly play the role of account anti-association.

In addition, we must not be impetuous, be patient and make the accounts look real. Do not browse and like the works of hundreds of users in a short time, which is easy to be judged as machine operation by the platform. There is also the need to simulate the use habits of new users, so that the account can be put into use after adapting to the new IP and browser environment, so as to improve the success rate of marketing.