Lalicat Virtual Browser

Why virtual browser is important for e-commerce sellers?

To say what is the most dangerous for e-commerce sellers, must be the association of multiple accounts. To say how terrible account association is, those sellers operating with multiple accounts must have a deep understanding.

Because once the seller operating with multiple accounts is detected by the platform that there is an association between accounts, the platform will ban those associated accounts, causing the sellers to fall into a huge crisis. Therefore, sellers operating with multiple accounts must do a good job in account anti-association by using a virtual browser, such as Lalicat.

What is a virtual browser?
Lalicat virtual browser is a software that can solve the problem of account association caused by the same browser fingerprint. It can isolate the browser running environment between accounts and provide an independent login environment for each account by generating multiple browsers with a unique fingerprint.

Moreover, if Lalicat virtual browser is used with a third-party IP proxy, it can also deal with account association caused by the same IP address by providing each account with an independent IP.

Among them, the association caused by the same browser fingerprint and IP factors is best solved by using a Lalicat virtual browser. There are other reasons that will also lead to account association.

Other factors

  1. Different stores use the same registration information;
  2. The products sold are too similar, and the uploaded product pictures, product descriptions, and listing have a repetition rate of more than 30%;
  3. The operation habits when operating the store are similar.
    For these reasons, we can prevent account association without the help of tools. As long as we are more careful in operation and make changes consciously, we can effectively avoid account association.