Lalicat virtual browser

How does virtual browser help eBay sellers better manage their stores?

Multi-account operation is a method that many eBay sellers will choose to quickly increase revenue, but for multi-account operation, ordinary browsers are not competent. Because if the seller uses a common browser to operate multiple accounts, it is not only necessary to switch accounts back and forth, which is very inconvenient to operate, and will also be in danger of being associated with the account if you are not careful. Therefore, eBay multi-account sellers need to find a product that can help them better manage the shop’s browser.

Which browser can help eBay multi-account sellers better manage their stores?
virtual browser, because Lalicat can create multiple virtual browser environments on the same computer, providing an independent login environment for each account, and each simulated browser environment has different fingerprint information.

Therefore, even if the platform wants to detect the login information of the account, what it detects is only the fingerprint information that we disguised with the Lalicat virtual browser, and we cannot obtain our real browser fingerprint at all, and then the platform will think that these accounts are operated by different people, naturally, it will not be judged as an associated account, and it will help eBay multi-account sellers to better manage their stores.

Moreover, the service of creating sub-accounts in the Lalicat plan is also very suitable for sellers who operate a team, because the main account can manage multiple sub-accounts, and these sub-accounts are independent of each other. Therefore, the team leader can effectively improve work efficiency by assigning these sub-accounts to different employees for operations, and then letting different accounts do different tasks.

It can be said that the problem of account association is the most troublesome thing for all eBay multi-account sellers. Thanks to its strong physical isolation effect and camouflage effect, the virtual browser can help eBay multi-account sellers to better manage their stores.