Canvas fingerprint

Virtual Browser Can Modify Canvas Fingerprint

Can the virtual browser modify Canvas fingerprint?

If you want to surf the Internet safely, you should try not to disclose your information in the process of surfing the Internet. In order to obtain user information, the website will constantly update its browser fingerprint tracking technology, so as to get useful information in the browser fingerprint. Canvas fingerprint is one of them.

What is Canvas fingerprint?

Using Canvas elements, we can draw graphics on Web pages. That is, we can control each pixel in the region.

Different computers or different browsers produce different canvas fingerprints. Because different browsers may use different image processing engines, users will choose different ways of export and compression, which will affect the Canvas fingerprint.

What’s the use of Canvas fingerprint?

Canvas involves many parameters, which need to look similar, but from the pixel level, the canvas of each browser is different. Because different operating systems will use different algorithms for pixel rendering, even the same drawing operation will produce different Canvas fingerprints.

This means that we can use Canvas fingerprint to track users.

Can the virtual browser modify Canvas fingerprint?

Because Canvas fingerprint has certain specificity because it can be used to identify users. In particular, e-commerce platforms such as Amazon can detect associated accounts through Canvas. The consequences of account association are also serious and will be directly banned. Therefore, we need to use Lalicat virtual browser to modify the Canvas fingerprint.

Correctly speaking, the fingerprint that Lalicat virtual fingerprint browser can modify is not limited to Canvas, but the fingerprint parameters of the whole browser can be modified. After these parameters are modified, platforms will not be found that the accounts belong to the same user even if you log in with the same browser. Because for the platform, each account has different virtual fingerprints. It can be said that the use of Lalicat virtual browser has benefited the majority of sellers.

Will the Canvas fingerprint be repeated?

If the operating system, version, and browser of the two computers are the same and used in one place at the same time, the calculated Canvas fingerprint may be the same. In other words, the Canvas fingerprint needs to be combined with other data to accurately judge the user’s identity.