Lalicat virtual browser

How does a virtual browser allow users to log in to multiple accounts at the same time?

Registering multiple accounts is very common nowadays. For example, many users will open more game accounts to get better equipment; open more accounts on shopping platforms to get more discount coupons, and even sellers will register more accounts to get more exposure. But for e-commerce platforms, it is not easy to register more accounts. The creation and management of multiple accounts on cross-border platforms are very troublesome. Today, I will talk about how to solve the troubles encountered by cross-border sellers.

Registered account information
Cross-border e-commerce platforms will take certain information detection on users. The first step is to detect user account registration information. If users use the same information when registering, they will soon be discovered by the platform and will be banned. So if you want to create multiple accounts, the registration information is the first hurdle, and don’t take chances.

Account login environment
If the IP used by the user when logging in to the account is not the same, once an abnormal situation is detected, other accounts using the same IP will also be at risk, and it will only be a matter of time before the ban is caused. The second is the user’s browser fingerprint. The browser fingerprint is the identification of the user’s computer. It consists of various software and hardware information of the computer. With the existence of the browser fingerprint, the platform can easily identify the user.

Can a virtual browser solve the problem of the login environment?
Lalicat virtual browser
is a tool specially developed for cross-border e-commerce. Lalicat can help users solve the account association problem caused by browser fingerprints. Through the latest fingerprint camouflage technology, users can create multiple browsers with different fingerprints, and then cooperate with proxy IPs, which are equivalent to real computers in different regions. So, the platform naturally also doesn’t detect that these accounts are associated.

Lalicat virtual browser also supports browser automation, which can solve a lot of repetitive work, and save your time.