Lalicat multilogin browser

Why using the multilogin browser?

Many people will hesitate to choose a multilogin browser and fear that their computers will not support them. In fact, there is no need to worry. The browser software configuration is very low. Basically, all computers can be used directly. So how can we use multi-login browser to open more accounts?

What computer configuration is multilogin browser suitable for?
Different from virtual machines and virtual servers, multilogin antidetect browsers have low requirements for computers. It’s equivalent to opening several different browsers on your computer. Now basically all computers can meet this requirement. In other words, even if the computer you use is only an office computer, it can be perfectly adapted to run the software.

Multi-login browser recommendation: Lalicat multilogin browser
Lalicat multilogin browser can generate multiple browser profiles with different fingerprints, and connect different IPs, so the platforms will think the accounts belongs to different users.

Why register multiple accounts?
(1) Social media marketing
For SMM, traffic is productivity. When there is not much traffic in the early stage of the account, we need to prepare multiple accounts to preheat the contents of the goods. When the traffic rises later, it can also be used to maintain the master account.

(2) Cross border E-commerce
Cross border e-commerce requires a multilogin browser whether it is for evaluating reviews or running more stores. For sellers, account security is the first important thing. If you do not use the multi-login browser, the platform will detect that these accounts are associated accounts, resulting in a large number of accounts being banned.