Tips on Avoid Amazon Multiple Accounts Banned

Amazon banned seller accounts is a big issue for every seller but have to face. Many new sellers learn to manage Amazon stores successfully from the issue. Actually speaking, if we can do well the anti-association work of Amazon stores, the risk of account bans can be avoided.

Today, I will share with you the specific methods of Amazon multiple accounts anti-association and what are the useful anti association software.

The factors of Amazon account linking

1. IP address

The biggest risk is that multiple accounts are registered and logged in with the same IP. As long as one of the accounts is abnormal or banned, the other accounts are basically in the blacklist of amazon.

2. Mac address

Register and Login with the same Mac address.

3. Device ID.

4. Credit Card, Billing Or Shipping address.

The Solution of Amazon Account Anti-Association.

1. Use a different IP address when registering each account.

2. Added the function of automatically changing the mac, so that the GM cannot filter and judge a large amount of login information of the account according to the MAC.

3. Login with different devices or anti detect fingerprint browsers.

4. Get reception to the different credit cards.

The software of Amazon account anti association – Lalicat anti detect browser.

Lalicat anti detect browser is an anti associated manage software of multiple accounts for sign-up and logs in multi-platforms. It has replaced several computers with virtual browser configuration files and gets a great anti-browser fingerprint protection function, making cookies, local storage, and other cached information in each browser file are absolutely isolated, and cannot leak any information from each other.

The Operation Principle of Lalicat Browser.

By simulating the software and hardware fingerprint information of the computer or mobile device, Lalicat anti detect browser makes the cookies and local storage of each browser file completely isolated, preventing accounts linked due to the same browser fingerprints. Lalicat anti-fingerprint browser also supports the Local API interface function, support Selenium, and Puppeteer automation frameworks, through programmatic methods to carry out API functions such as reading and writing account configuration information, starting and closing the browser, querying the account list, etc.

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