Lalicat Antidetect Browser

Can we operate Tiktok multiple accounts by using an antidetect browser?

In recent years, the short video platform has suddenly exploded. Everyone basically has the software of the short video platform in their mobile phones, and the number of online active people is also very large. Therefore, short video platform has also become a way for many people to get rich.

Tiktok, is popular one in many short video platforms. But I believe that when you started to operate TikTok, both the traffic of your works and the popularity of your live broadcast were very low. This article will share some tips to improve the traffic of your account.

Content is no originality
Their own works are not novel. Many people’s videos may imitate the templates of others’ videos, and just change the products. Of course, the platform will not recommend you.

The current traffic cannot be grasped
The traffic is greater than the effort. Although it’s a little shameful, the fact is that when posting videos, you can post them according to the hot topics at that time, and the number of fans will increase.

Multi account operation
If you fight alone on the Internet, you can only be robbed of traffic by other accounts. It is the same as Amazon’s evaluation. There is no good evaluation, people won’t come to you to buy things. The sales volume is not good, the platform won’t give you traffic. Therefore, multi-account operation is important.

In multi-account operation, we should pay attention to the association between each account. The rule of the platform is very strict. As long as it is judged that the associated account is banned, the consequences are very serious. Lalicat antidetect browser can help us log in different accounts on one computer, and each account is isolated from each other and will not be detected by the platform. So the anti-association of Lalicat antidetect browser is very good.