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Canvas fingerprint

Virtual Browser Can Modify Canvas Fingerprint

Can the virtual browser modify Canvas fingerprint? If you want to surf the Internet safely, you should try not to disclose your information in the process of surfing the Internet. In order to obtain user information, the website will constantly update its browser fingerprint tracking technology, so as to get useful information in the browser …

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Anonymous Browser Protects Privacy Online

What is the anonymous browser? Is it an anonymous browser when an ordinary browser opens anonymous mode? We are still unfamiliar with the new term ‘anonymous browser‘. After all, most people use ordinary browsers to surf the Internet, such as Chrome browser and Microsoft Edge browser. But people will find that these browsers have a …

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Lalicat Virtual Browser

Instagram Multiple Accounts Operation

How does the virtual browser assist Instagram users in multi-account operation and anti-association? Now Instagram has become a gold mine for advertisers. According to statistics, Instagram has 800 million users all over the world, 500 million people use it every day and share 250 million content. There is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity behind such …

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Hide IP Address

What is the anonymous browser? Anonymous browser is the best tool to protect our internet security, which can protect our real identity from being obtained by the network, and protect users’ real life from being disturbed by the network. What can anonymous browsers do? Lalicat anonymous browser does not achieve the effect of protection by prohibiting some dangerous …

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