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Antidetect Browser VS VPS

When it comes to accounts anti-association, each cross-border e-commerce seller should have his own tricks. After all, if there is no small way, it is difficult to survive in the cross-border e-commerce industry. In cross-border e-commerce user groups, the most commonly used anti-association tool is the anti-detect browser. Some people will say that this is …

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Lalicat antidetect browser

Why do websites track our browser fingerprints?

Everyone is often troubled by big data when surfing the Internet. The website can accurately distinguish the identity of users by collecting our fingerprint information. So why do websites or platforms collect our browser fingerprints? What’s the use of browser fingerprints?The website identifies specific users, understands users’ browsing habits and purchase patterns, and pushes interest …

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Lalicat anti-association browser

How to prevent multiple accounts association?

Now, as the rules of various e-commerce platforms become more and more perfect and the control of multiple accounts becomes more and more strict, how can we ensure the security of multiple accounts? Sellers of cross-border e-commerce know that using one computer to log in to multiple accounts will cause the association between accounts, resulting …

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