privacy browser

Privacy Browser Protects Information From Disclosing

How to prevent users from disclosing their privacy?

The browser is the main tool for us to surf the Internet. We need to connect the server of the website through the browser to obtain all kinds of information. In this process, the website will also collect the information of visitors through various tracking methods. The user data collected from the website will be integrated into a string to form a browser fingerprint that can identify your identity. When you visit the website again, your identity can be determined by fingerprint comparison. With fingerprint detection technology, websites can know users’ preferences, behavior habits, and even your every move on the website.

Some websites with low-security coefficients will be hacked to install plug-ins to steal user information, and even some websites will directly sell user information. Therefore, when you log in to these websites with a browser, Ignoring the network environment will not only infringe your privacy but also may cause serious property losses. So you need a privacy browser.

Principle of Lalicat privacy browser

Lalicat privacy browser can provide users with a safe browsing environment. Lalicat can modify our fingerprint parameters in its profile, use simulated real user fingerprints to disguise a new device to visit the website, and strictly encrypt our real fingerprints to prevent the website from obtaining our real fingerprint information. For some websites with relatively strict risk control, Lalicat can also deal with it easily. Due to the modification of the underlying code of the chromium kernel, each generated browser configuration file can be physically isolated. If you open the same website with Lalicat multiple profiles on a computer, the website will also be considered to be visited by different people and can not obtain our true identity.

Application of Lalicat privacy browser

The unique function of Lalicat privacy browser can not only prevent the website from obtaining our real information, protect our online privacy, browse anonymously, but also realize multi-account login on the same platform.