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Why do websites track our browser fingerprints?

Everyone is often troubled by big data when surfing the Internet. The website can accurately distinguish the identity of users by collecting our fingerprint information. So why do websites or platforms collect our browser fingerprints?

What’s the use of browser fingerprints?
The website identifies specific users, understands users’ browsing habits and purchase patterns, and pushes interest related advertisements and promotional activities to users. Websites collect users’ fingerprint information for a variety of reasons, and the key is driven by the huge benefits of online marketing.

By distinguishing the identity of each user, some e-commerce or social media platforms can better manage the platform, recycle or ban redundant accounts, understand users’ preferences, better serve users and give better user experience.

What are browser fingerprints?
When we enter a new website, the website will automatically implant a Cookie file into our computer, which is unique to the same user. The next time you enter this website, you will identify it through this Cookie file.

I believe you all know this, which is also an important basis for the platform to judge the account association. Especially in the cross-border e-commerce industry, multiple accounts will be associated due to the same IP login.

Browser information and hardware information
It includes a series of factors such as your browser’s cache, language, time zone, plugins and so on. Even your screen resolution will become an important data in fingerprint information.

How to prevent fingerprint identification?
For privacy reasons, how can we modify or encrypt our browser fingerprints when we don’t want to be tracked by the website, or want to log in to multiple accounts on the same platform but fear of being associated?

The functions of antidetect fingerprint browser
If you want to modify your browser fingerprint and protect your real fingerprint from being leaked, you can try Lalicat antidetect browser. It simulates the real browsing environment, simulates the new browser fingerprint, and encrypts the original fingerprint, so that the platform or website can only detect the fake fingerprint we simulated. Lalicat antidetect browser can create a completely independent and real browser environment for you, which is completely isolated from other browsers. Therefore, it is widely used in cross-border e-commerce industry for multi-account management and can effectively prevent account association.

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