Lalicat anti-association browser

How to prevent multiple accounts association?

Now, as the rules of various e-commerce platforms become more and more perfect and the control of multiple accounts becomes more and more strict, how can we ensure the security of multiple accounts? Sellers of cross-border e-commerce know that using one computer to log in to multiple accounts will cause the association between accounts, resulting in accounts being banned. How can prevent association between multiple accounts using one computer?

Why do you want to prevent account association?

For the current cross-border e-commerce platforms, most cross-border e-commerce platforms are based on the principle of fair competition. In order to give buyers a better shopping experience, sellers are not allowed to have multiple accounts. However, for sellers, the sales volume of the store will decline with one account, so many people will choose to operate with multiple accounts. But this requires the seller to do perfectly for account anti-association.

Account anti-association is about three points, and most platforms also detect these three points.

(1) IP

If all accounts log in from one IP or suddenly use another IP, commonly known as remote login, they may be detected.

(2) Fingerprint information of computer software and hardware

The platform will not only be judged by IP, but also by the fingerprint information of your computer’s software and hardware, such as hard disk, resolution, graphics card, and the fingerprint information of some browsers.

(3) Store products

If the goods in the store are highly similar, they will also be judged as related.

How to prevent account association?

In fact, we need to give each browser an independent network environment. Here we recommend Lalicat anti-association browser.

Creating an independent network environment for each account is not an easy task. Lalicat anti-association browser creates multiple fingerprint browser profiles on one computer, and the fingerprint of each browser will not be leaked and detected by the platform. And it can also simulate the fingerprint information of hardware. It can be said that as long as you like, you can create a browser on any computer in the world. Combined with proxy IP, it can really realize a series of operations such as multi-account operation and account maintenance on one computer.

The most important thing for multiple accounts is to prevent association. Choosing good software can get twice the result with half the effort. Now you can get a 3-day free trial of Lalicat.