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How to prevent Amazon account association?

In recent years, uncontrollable factors such as the epidemic have greatly affected the traditional ordering industry, and a large number of businesses have to join the cross-border e-commerce – Amazon. Businesses with business experience understand risk management and will choose to operate in multiple stores on Amazon. It has to be admitted that from the data, the traffic and sales volume of multiple stores are generally higher than that of single store operation. However, people with cross-border e-commerce experience know that Amazon is very strict in store management and has a perfect risk control system. If there is an association between stores, there will be a risk that the account will be banned or the store will be closed.

What factors will lead to account association?

(1) Registration information
When registering multiple accounts, the registration information should be distinguished. The following information may lead to information association. (company name, address, name, credit card information, address information, telephone number, email address, collection account number, etc.)

(2) Listing
Different stores must differentiate their products. Try to choose different names, pictures, descriptions and titles for each SKU. If the product contents of two or more stores are too similar, they will be regarded as associated stores.

(3) Computer and network environment
Without protective measures, do not log in multiple Amazon accounts on the same computer, because your browser environment and network environment are one of the most important basis for the correlation of platform risk control detection. Since the browser environment of each device is unique, this is irrefutable evidence.

How to prevent account association?

If you want to operate multiple stores on one computer, are you afraid of being associated? In fact, it is not difficult to solve this problem. At present, many cross-border e-commerce practitioners are using the anti-association browser, such as Lalicat, to prevent account association.
Lalicat anti-association browser can create a new browser profile to provide a safe and stable login environment for our account, so that each account has an independent and unique environment, which can easily prevent association of accounts.

Lalicat not only provides us with the function of anti-association of accounts, but also helps us more efficiently operate and manage multiple stores synchronously. In addition, we can store the exclusive environment of each account, so that whenever and wherever we need to log in to this account, we can directly operate the account by opening the environment of this account, and there will be no unnecessary trouble caused by changing the computer or logging in from other places.