Prevent Accounts Association

What are the consequences of an account being associated? How to prevent account association?

I believe you have heard of the word “associated account”. For example, if you bind multiple Facebook or Amazon accounts to a mobile phone number, these accounts belong to associated accounts. In order to maintain platform order and ensure user experience, the same user is not allowed to register and have multiple accounts. Therefore, in order to operate multiple accounts safely, the first thing to do is to prevent account association. How are multiple accounts associated?

There are many factors associated with your account, from your initial registration, the basic user information you fill in, to your IP, browser fingerprint, and your online behavior. These may be the factors that cause your account to be associated. In particular, today’s fingerprint technology has been very mature. Through the fingerprint detection of the browser, platforms can accurately locate a user.

What are the consequences of an account being associated?

Ban or deactivate the account. For e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, the processing of associated accounts is relatively serious. Because they value products, for multi-store sellers, they can only provide duplicate goods, which is of no value to the platform but increases the management cost. Therefore, once the account is found to be associated, it will be closed together. In this case, even if you appeal, the chance of getting your account back is slim. Everything should be prevented before it happens. The key to preventing the association of account numbers is the word “prevention”.

How to avoid account association?

What factors mentioned above can lead to the association, we can only try to avoid because the rules of the platform are constantly changing.

(1) Registration information to avoid duplication, this is basic, I believe everyone can do it.

(2) Avoid IP duplication when logging in to different accounts and logging in with different browser environments.

There must be many small partners here to ask, how should the browser environment change? In fact, this is not difficult to do. You can use a special anti-association browser.

(3) The products, profiles, and photos on the shelves of the store should also avoid too much repetition.

(4) Try to bind different bank cards to account numbers. If PayPal is used for collection, it is also best to bind different account numbers.

Finally, I recommend an anti-association browser that I usually use – Lalicat. For example, I am not so good at computer operation at ordinary times. I can control it perfectly. It is convenient and easy to use for batch registration and multi-account management operation. The Lalicat anti-association browser can create multiple unrelated browser environments and disguise the real browser fingerprints, effectively avoiding the repeated fingerprints detected by the platform when we log in to multiple accounts, so as to determine the association of our accounts.

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