Multiple Accounts Batch Login

Now, no matter we media or e-commerce, the multi-account operation is the most practical way. For the operation with multiple accounts in hand, how to manage these accounts is a problem that must be solved. For example, how to batch register accounts and how to batch login multiple accounts? Can multi-account batch login be realized by using the fingerprint browser?

What is multi-account batch login?

Multiple accounts mean that the same user has registered multiple accounts on the same platform.

Under normal conditions, users can only log in to one account at a time. If you want to log in to all accounts at the same time, you need to use the multi-account multi-login browser: Lalicat fingerprint browser.

Can Lalicat fingerprint browser log in multiple accounts in a batch?

The Lalicat virtual browser can manage accounts regardless of platform, account, and quantity. After importing cookies, you can log in to the account directly in the browser without re-entering the account password.

(1) Unlimited platform: Lalicat multi-login browser is used to manage accounts, which is not limited to a certain platform. All accounts that can log in on the web can be managed by Lalicat virtual browser.

(2) Unlimited account: as long as there is a web platform, you can log in to the account directly on the browser. Lalicat does not provide the APP login service now.

(3) Unlimited quantity: the Lalicat multi-login browser has no requirement on the quality. If the account is not wanted, you can directly delete the browser bound to the account. To log in and manage a new account, just create a new browser.

Can Lalicat virtual browser prevent association?

The first problem to deal with in multi-account batch login is account association.

By modifying the underlying code of chrome, the Lalicat multi-login browser truly realizes the physical isolation. The cache files of all accounts are stored independently and will not be associated with each other. Because the use of Lalicat fingerprint browser can not only login multiple accounts in a batch but also realize the anti-association of multiple accounts.

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