Lalicat multilogin browser

What is the multi-login browser?

Opening multiple accounts may not be very attractive for ordinary users, but for some users engaged in cross-border e-commerce, opening more accounts on one computer is helpful for their business.

Because almost all cross-border platforms do not allow one person to have multiple accounts, if the platform detects that these accounts use the same browser fingerprint, the platform will determine that these accounts belong to the same person, so as to associate and ban these accounts. Cross border merchants need to open more buyer accounts for evaluation or more stores, but using the traditional way to pull different network cables for different computers to open more accounts is more expensive. How can I open more accounts on one computer? You can use Lalicat multilogin browser.

What is Lalicat multilogin browser?
Lalicat multilogin browser can generate multiple browsers with unique fingerprints and log in to an account with one fingerprint browser. In this way, it can provide an independent browser running environment for each account and help users open more accounts.

How to use Lalicat multilogin browser to manage accounts?
Because Lalicat multi-login browser is a browser that can generate several physical isolation environments on the same computer. It can not only provide the isolation of the browser, IP and cookies, but also disguise the fingerprint information of the browser and help users to prevent the assocaition of multiple accounts. Therefore, users only need to create the browser in the Lalicat multilogin browser, modify the fingerprint information of the browser, and log in to different accounts with different browsers after creation, so as to successfully open more accounts on one computer.

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