Lalicat multilogin browser

Can multilogin browser log in to different accounts on the same platform at the same time?

The cross-border e-commerce industry has developed rapidly in recent years, providing many convenient places for buyers’ lives. This is due to the rapid development of the Internet and the improvement of buyers’ consumption level. However, every industry has its own difficulties, and cross-border e-commerce users are not as good as before. With the upgrading of risk control of major platforms, multi-account operation is becoming more and more difficult. Sellers have good products, but there is no traffic. What should we do?

In daily work and life, if you want to operate multiple accounts, you need to switch back and forth between browsers, and there are risks associated with it. This operation is very troublesome, so how to deal with it? Lalicat multilogin browser can be solve.

Principle of Lalicat multilogin browser
Lalicat multilogin browser, and many users like to call it fingerprint browser. Lalicat multilogin browser is based on the improvement of Google browser and adds anti-fingerprint technology, which can make the browser have an independent operating environment and network environment. The local files and stored files of each browser are completely isolated. When logging in the account, it will automatically set an independent browser fingerprint for each account, so as to protect the user’s privacy to the greatest extent and realize the purpose of logging in multiple accounts on the same browser.

Now, both Amazon and eBay and other cross-border e-commerce platforms will identify users by detecting the user’s browser fingerprint. The browser fingerprint is composed of the user’s IP, graphics card information, time zone and other computer information. As the name suggests, it is as unique and identifiable as a person’s fingerprint. Through the browser fingerprint, platforms can also detect whether users have multi-account behavior.