Lalicat Virtual Browser

Can I achieve multi-login accounts with a virtual browser?

Some cross-border e-commerce sellers want to register multiple accounts for multiple store operations or register multiple buyer accounts for evaluation, and those who conduct social media marketing need to register multiple accounts to advertise.

If you can use ordinary browsers for managing multiple accounts, not only the operation is complicated, but also the account association due to the same login environment, which will be caught in the danger of being associated.

What is an account multi-login browser?
It is that you can log in to multiple accounts on the same computer and not associate between the account.

Some people may say that VPS seems to be able to achieve accounts multi-login, there is no need to use a virtual browser. Yes, VPS can help users register multiple accounts on a computer to some extent, but if there are too many registered accounts, VPS not only costs very high, but also extremely expensive, but also extremely expensive and unstable, so you need a virtual multi-login browser.

Why does a virtual browser be more secure for managing multiple accounts?
Because Lalicat’s unique virtual browser technology can help users create multiple virtual browser environments on the same computer, each browser environment also has different fingerprint information. Therefore, users can bind different accounts to different browsers. This will not only have a good effect on preventing correlations, and protecting account security, but also operate different accounts for different users, thereby greatly improving work efficiency.

We can know that if you want to safely manage your multiple accounts, it is best to use a virtual browser.