anti-association browser

What is a multi-account association?

E-commerce operators are afraid that the store will be judged as an associated account by the platform. The benefits of simultaneous operation of multiple accounts are obvious, but the risks and benefits are also in direct proportion. Therefore, when multiple accounts operate at the same time, pay special attention to the account anti-association. What are the reasons for the multi-account association? How do we do multi-account association?Influencing factors of multi-account association:

(1) Pay attention to isolating the network and IP between accounts

(2) Account registration uses different information

(3) The account and password should not be the same

(4) Less mobile login

(5) Browser fingerprint cannot be ignored

Solutions to the multi-account association:

(1) Cloud server

(2) The quality of cloud server IP address directly determines the success or failure of store multi-account anti-association. Therefore, when purchasing an IP address, try to choose a clean IP address.

(3) International special line

(4) The seller can apply to the mobile operator for a fixed IP dedicated line. This is the most secure. The only disadvantage is that the dedicated line’s cost is high.

Multi-account anti-association tool: Lalicat multi-login browser

Lalicat virtual browser, computer batch registration number keeping system, one machine with multiple account number keeping software, with multiple environments of computer and mobile phone, starting from 200 numbers at least. It can be used for Amazon, Facebook, Gmail email and other registered accounts, maintenance numbers, and other industries that need to prevent Association.

Lalicat multi login browser, a multi-account sandbox system based on Google browser. It can help us automatically log in to the account so that each account can be used in the same but independent environment for a long time. It can be understood that each browser profile is a different computer. Combined with switching different IPs, it means that different computers in different regions can truly achieve that each account has the characteristics of a real person and truly prevent association technically!