Lalicat Multilogin Browser

How to manage multiple Amazon stores?

Sellers engaged in Amazon generally operate several stores. The multi-store operation can bring them more benefits. However, with the gradual standardization of the platform, the management of sellers and stores by the platform is becoming more and more strict. Often a small mistake may lead to the closure of stores. At the same time, once stores are associated with other accounts, these accounts will suffer the same end. Therefore, sellers complain that it is more and more difficult to run stores on Amazon.

In fact, as long as you choose the right tools, multi-store management is not difficult at all. Now more and more Amazon sellers choose a virtual multilogin browser for multi-store management, such as Lalicat.

The role of virtual multilogin browser:
1. Convenient multi-store management
Using a conventional browser, we can only log in to one store for operation at a time. Switching accounts is not only troublesome but also a waste of time. Using Lalicat multilogin browser, we can log in to multiple accounts at one time, and sellers can operate and manage multiple stores at the same time.

2. Multi-account anti Association
In order to prevent one account from being associated with other accounts due to problems, it is ideal that multiple accounts correspond to different login environments. This can be achieved by using Lalicat multilogin browser. In Lalicat, the seller can generate multiple environments with different fingerprints, and each account can log in under different environments. In this way, even if the platform detects, these accounts will not be found to be associated.

Of course, in addition to environmental factors, Amazon sellers also need to pay attention to whether there is duplication between account registration information and store information, which is also an important factor for the platform to judge the correlation.

Can the multi-login browser only be used on Amazon platform?
No, Amazon is just a typical platform. Lalicat virtual multilogin browser can be applied to any cross-border e-commerce platform, such as eBay, Wish, Shopee, and others. Because the platform rules of cross-border e-commerce are similar, the principle is the same. Different platforms have different risk control strictness, and the platforms will upgrade their own risk control system from time to time. Therefore, when choosing a virtual multi-login browser, we must choose products with timely version updates to avoid accidents.