Lalicat Anti Detect Browser

Does Lazada cross-border store need to use the anti detect browser?

The larger the cross-border platform is, the safer it will be, but now it is those minority cross-border platforms that are more popular. Why?

Why are small cross-border platforms popular?
Take Lazada for example. As a cross-border platform in Southeast Asia, it is not only easy to deliver goods, but also not difficult to register an account. Just open Lazada’s official website, click the merchant to enter, enter the prepared information (e-mail, mobile phone number, company information, etc.), and then activate the seller’s account, even if the registration is successful. Some large cross-border platform accounts are very difficult to register and the competition is still fierce.

Although Lazada accounts are easy to register and the competition is not so fierce, if you want to achieve good results, you need to pay special attention to store comments, because when browsing Lazada stores, buyers can only see the number of store comments, not the number of orders, so comments have become an important basis to attract traffic.

How to create good buyer comments?
Most sellers will choose to register multiple buyer accounts with Lalicat anti detect browser for their accounts to do product evaluation. Because if you do your own evaluation, you can well control the quantity and quality of comments.

Why use the Lalicat anti detect browser?
Because if you register multiple accounts with an ordinary browser, the accounts will be associated because the browser fingerprints are the same, and will be banned by the platform.

By generating multiple browser environments with different fingerprints, Lalicat anti detect browser can provide a relatively independent login environment for the account to help users cope with the detection of the platform, so as to complete the task of batch registration of buyer accounts. Moreover, Lalicat anti detect browser also supports simulating real human typing, which can greatly increase the authenticity of the account.