Lalicat VS MultiLogin VS GoLogin VS VMLogin – Anti-Detect Browsers

When we browse a website, the website will track users’ online behavior through cookies, browser fingerprints, IP, and other ways. In this situation, even if users pay great attention to protecting privacy, some personal information will be leaked.

At this time, we need antidetect browsers. The anti-detect browser can replace the real browser fingerprint information with the generated browser fingerprint. In this way, even if the website gets our information, it can only get false information, which greatly protects our privacy.

Next, we will analyze and compare four anti-detect browsers on the market: Lalicat, VMLogin, GoLogin, and MultiLogin.

1. Lalicat

Lalicat antidetect browser achieves surfing the internet anonymously by creating different browser profiles replacing real browser fingerprints. For example, time zone, resolution, language, etc. In addition, Lalicat anti-detect browser software provides Chinese and English versions.

Lalicat fingerprint browser has four plans with different numbers of browser profiles and sub-accounts. You can choose a suitable plan according to your needs, and even customize the packages. Now get a 3-day free trial.

The profiles created in the Lalicat virtual antidetect browser can also be shared and transferred to other users, which is very suitable for team.

If you want to manage multiple accounts on the same platform, such as Facebook, Amazon, etc., Lalicat antidetect browser is undoubtedly a good choice.

2. VMLogin

vmlogin logo

Creating a browser profile in VMLogin is equivalent to establishing an independent virtual browser environment. Cookies, local storage and other cache files of each browser file will be completely isolated, and information cannot be disclosed between browser profiles.

In VMLogin virtual browser, you can edit and modify various browser parameters. There are text descriptions next to each parameter, which is very simple to operate.

In addition, VMLogin anti-detect browser provides guidance documents and videos to help you quickly understand and use it.

3. GoLogin

GoLogin antidetect browser can also create multiple browser profiles and adjust all parameters to surf the Internet anonymously.

GoLogin browser profile is located in the cloud, with complete data protection and anonymity. GoLogin virtual browser is ideal for teamwork because it can provide specific permissions for each team member.

Gologin also provides proxies from different countries, and you can find tutorials of these proxies on the official website.

4. MultiLogin

The MultiLogin virtual browser helps you surf the Internet in separate and different browser profiles. The real browser fingerprint will be replaced by the created fingerprint to hide the identity.

MultiLogin antidetect browser provides users with different agents: IP authentication and password authentication; Proxy through plugins and custom DNS.

MultiLogin can be used for e-commerce, alliance marketing, advertising verification, price comparison, and other fields.


Generally speaking, these methods of antidetect browsers realize anonymous Internet access are all by replacing the real browser information with the generated browser fingerprint. However, there are some differences in plans and parameter setting. We can choose the appropriate virtual browser according to our own needs and price.

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