Lalicat Virtual Browser

Instagram Multiple Accounts Operation

How does the virtual browser assist Instagram users in multi-account operation and anti-association?

Now Instagram has become a gold mine for advertisers. According to statistics, Instagram has 800 million users all over the world, 500 million people use it every day and share 250 million content. There is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity behind such a huge user group and traffic. For advertisers, it is very slow for a single INS account to make promotion effective. They usually carry out marketing through multiple accounts, just as Amazon sellers or independent station sellers open multiple stores. This will inevitably lead to the problem of the account association.

Using traditional methods: multiple broadband + devices

Advantages: completely solve the problem of account association

Disadvantages: high cost, difficult to operate, and limited by region

Using proxy server

Advantages: Compared with the former, the cost will be a little less

Disadvantages: the network is unstable, and if there are many accounts, the cost is unknown

Using a virtual browser

It is now known that the most effective way is to use a virtual browser. It is also the lowest cost solution to the problem of the INS account association. By simulating different browser environments, the platforms only get browser fingerprints information we created, so as to achieve the effect of anti-association. Of course, how to select a virtual browser is also very important. Not all virtual browsers are applicable. In addition to security and stability, some virtual browsers need to purchase IP alone, which is not suitable for users with more accounts. Here we recommend Lalicat virtual browser.

The security and stability of Lalicat virtual browser are high, and the technology is mature. Moreover, each unique browser profile in Lalicat multi-login browser can be transmitted and shared, which is convenient for team cooperation to complete work and is no longer limited by region. You can safely log in to your platform account no matter where. I have to say that these small details are completely considered from the user’s standpoint. If you also encounter the problem of multi-account operation of INS, you might as well consider starting with Lalicat virtual browser. If you want to try it first, you can apply for a 3-day free trial of the full-featured version on the official website.