Lallicat incognito browser

Can an incognito browser prevent the browser from leaking personal privacy?

The browser is indeed a very convenient tool, whether it is for daily office work, watching films, or playing games, it can be done. But, you will soon be able to see the corresponding pop-up advertisements on the web page or receive harassing calls from some advertising companies.

Why does this happen?
In fact, this is caused by the browser leaking our personal privacy, because as long as we use the browser to visit websites, those websites will start their “monitoring” behavior, such as the computer model we use, IP address, screen resolution, browser fingerprints such as language and time zone will be secretly recorded by them, and then the website will make customized push based on your browsing traces.

Is there any way to prevent the browser from leaking personal privacy?
Clear your browser’s cookies
For some websites that do not need to log in, the cookie information is the basis for them to identify the user’s identity, so the user only needs to clear the cookies before and after the visit to achieve a certain effect. But this kind of operation is more troublesome, and most websites now require a login, so this method cannot prevent the leakage of information very well.

Lalicat incognito browser
Lalicat incognito browser
can deeply modify the browser fingerprint information to form a brand new fingerprint. Therefore, in the face of website detection, users can use the new fingerprint generated by Lalicat to access with a brand-new identity. for truly anonymous browsing. Moreover, Lalicat can also perform SSL encryption processing on the user’s real fingerprint, which can more effectively prevent websites from detecting our real fingerprint parameters, thereby protecting personal privacy.

In addition to preventing browsers from leaking our personal privacy, incognito browsers can also provide different browser fingerprint information for accounts, which can play a strong anti-association function, and are very helpful for cross-border e-commerce and social media marketing.