Hide IP Address

What is the anonymous browser?

Anonymous browser is the best tool to protect our internet security, which can protect our real identity from being obtained by the network, and protect users’ real life from being disturbed by the network.

What can anonymous browsers do?

Lalicat anonymous browser does not achieve the effect of protection by prohibiting some dangerous behaviors of users, which will make users have no good online experience. The Lalicat anonymous browser is to give users a new virtual identity, which can be used for a long time or deleted immediately after use.

When users want to enter some websites, but do not want to be recognized by the website, they can open the Lalicat virtual browser and use this new identity to visit the website. This new identity will not overlap with other user identities and is completely virtual. It can also be customized and modified according to the user’s personal needs.

Through this method, users can not only ensure the online experience but also anonymously surf the Internet.

Can anonymous browsers hide IP addresses?

Under normal circumstances, anonymous browsers can randomly simulate a string of IP addresses. For users who want to surf the Internet anonymously, this protection is not enough. However, privacy browsers can be bound to any fixed static IP to support mainstream proxies on the market.

In other words, as long as the user can provide the IP address, the anonymous browser will use the IP as its own real IP when starting. This can also achieve the purpose of hiding the IP address.

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