Lalicat fingerprint browser

The Usage of Fingerprint Browser

What is a fingerprint browser?

A fingerprint browser can be understood as a multiple profile browser. It is software that can create multiple virtual browser profiles. Each profile has a unique network environment to ensure that the configuration information, cookies, local storage, etc. of each file are independent. Various kinds of information, such as browser fingerprint, can be configured by IP, which we call fingerprint browser.

What’s the use of a fingerprint browser?

(1) Effectively manage multiple accounts

If you have a lot of accounts, you know that logging in to multiple accounts at the same time on a computer may be judged to be associated by the platform, and a fingerprint browser can solve this problem. One account is configured with one browser, which does not disturb each other.

(2) Prevent browser fingerprint tracking

For people of cross-border merchants, the platform will track users through various fingerprint tracking. Once it is determined that your account is associated, the consequences can be imagined. Each environment configured by fingerprint browser is independent, which can just solve this problem.

How to choose a good fingerprint browser?

You should choose according to your own needs. Not all fingerprint browsers are suitable. Here we recommend a browser with high anti-association and cost performance – Lalicat fingerprint browser.

This browser creates complete virtual user information by simulating the fingerprint information of software and hardware, so the platform can not detect our real fingerprint information and track us. Lalicat fingerprint browser is not only better than other browsers in terms of anti-association performance but also provides convenience for people with many accounts in terms of mutual permission allocation of primary and sub-accounts. Very suitable for teamwork.

Choosing a good fingerprint browser can solve many of our troubles on the account. After all, no one wants their account to be banned, and the Lalicat fingerprint browser can help us solve most of the problems on the account.

You can try it and new users can get a free trial of 3 days.