Lalicat Antidetect Browser

How does the fingerprint browser realize fingerprint camouflage?

What is a browser fingerprint?
When we ask about websites and platforms, websites and platforms will collect our personal information. This information is collectively referred to as browser fingerprint. It is an important factor to distinguish you from others.

Why fingerprint camouflage?
If you don’t want to reveal your privacy. It is very important to learn to hide your real browser fingerprints. In some special platforms, the browser fingerprint has another function. For example, in the cross-border e-commerce platform, the browser fingerprint can judge whether the actual manager of multiple stores is the same person. If the browser fingerprints of multiple stores are the same, it will be recognized as an associated account. May be directly banned. If you want to prevent it, you must camouflage the browser fingerprint.

How does fingerprint browser realize fingerprint camouflage?
To solve this problem, you need to use a professional tool – Lalicat fingerprint browser.

Lalicat fingerprint browser is applicable to various cross-border e-commerce platforms and social media platforms. How does it achieve fingerprint camouflage? First, Lalicat fingerprint browser can simulate multiple operating systems. Such as Windows, Linux, MacOS. It has very good compatibility.

Secondly, Lalicat fingerprint browser can create multiple virtual browsers, and the fingerprint information between each browser will not be leaked. Each account is logged into a browser. Provide the safest protection function for the account to ensure the security of the account and will not be detected by the platform.