fingerprint browser

What is a browser fingerprint? What can fingerprint browser do?

To say what fingerprint browser is, many people can’t answer it. In fact, if you want to really make good use of a tool, the key is to understand it in place. If you want to know the fingerprint browser, you have to know what is the fingerprint of the browser first.

What are browser fingerprints?
We all know that people have fingerprints on their fingers. Even if they are two identical twins, their fingerprints will not be the same, so they can be identified by fingerprints. The same goes for browser fingerprints.

In fact, browser fingerprint is to collect all kinds of information on the browser. For example, a string composed of graphics card version, CPU model, screen resolution, memory size, plug-in information, etc. It can be used to locate a user. Even if traceless mode is turned on, it can’t prevent the website from getting our browser fingerprint. This is a very passive way. Users have been stripped of information unknowingly. In other words, when you visit a platform, the platform has identified you and will assign you an identity ID. In this way, when you visit next time, the platform can push messages directly according to your browser records.

Can the browser fingerprint be modified?
People’s fingerprints can’t be modified, but browser fingerprints can be modified by special tools. The fingerprint browser can generated virtual browser environment and replace the real fingerprints by the created. Lalicat fingerprint browser is that.

Lalicat virtual fingerprint browser can modify the underlying code of chromium kernel and modify the parameters of the browser. When modifying, users can directly select the appropriate fingerprint information from the fingerprint database without modifying the code themselves. Like cross-border e-commerce users, each account in the browser needs to be isolated, while all browser configuration information of Lalicat fingerprint browser does not interfere with each other, so as to realize isolation in a real sense. Therefore, for cross-border e-commerce users that need multiple accounts, Lalicat fingerprint browser is a good choice.