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Fingerprint Browser Designed for Accounts Anti-Association

Can the fingerprint browser solve the problem of account association?

With the change of e-commerce platform rules, the requirements for sellers are becoming higher and higher. Once the operation is wrong, they will be blocked. Large platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and express have a huge number of users. Therefore, there will be a strict risk control mechanism to maintain the order of the platform. Multi-account operation is not allowed on most e-commerce platforms. Once the account is closed due to association, it is difficult to appeal back. However, the benefits of multi-store operation needless to say. The emergence of fingerprint browsers has solved this originally uncoordinated problem.

How to solve account association?

Before the birth of the fingerprint browsers, we achieved the purpose of anti-association through one account corresponding to one computer and network cable or VPS, but the two not only cost human and material resources but also worry about the anti-association, which is obviously not the best answer.

Until the emergence of fingerprint browser, it can be said that it perfectly solved the problem of seller account Association. Only one computer and one network cable are needed, and the agent can easily register multiple accounts and effectively prevent association with the cross-border e-commerce browser. The principle is also very simple, that is to create a different browser environment for each account, so we can’t detect that we are using the same computer to operate multiple accounts.

How to select a fingerprint browser?

Lalicat is simple, safe, and easy to use. The purpose of using the fingerprint browser is nothing more than to ensure the security of our account. Lalicat can customize the longitude and latitude settings of the IP address. We all know that the most important thing for an account is IP. In addition, its browser fingerprint environment is physically isolated from each other and supports self-configuring proxy IP. An independent network environment and IP are required for the normal registration and operation of an account, while Lalicat can produce multiple physically isolated anti-association browsers on the computer. In addition, Lalicat can also customize fingerprint hardware parameters such as browser graphics card, resolution, sound card, and CPU, with a full safety factor.

For many people, the use and operation of a fingerprint browser are not simple. I didn’t find the setting of the language environment when I first used it. Fortunately, the official website tutorial of Lalicat is very detailed. There is video teaching in each step. Operate step by step according to the video and learn it once. Now it’s easy to use. You can create a new configuration file in a minute or two. The official website not only has a more comprehensive function introduction but also has a trial version that you can experience. Don’t miss it if you are still hesitant and have difficulties in choosing.