fiingerprint browser

What factors should be considered when choosing a fingerprint browser?

Amazon, Tiktok, Facebook, Ins, and some other platforms always ban accounts, the owners fear that the account will be disabled. The use of fingerprint browsers can effectively reduce the probability of account closure and prolong the life cycle of the account. So what factors should we pay attention to when choosing a fingerprint browser?


When many people started to engage in the e-commerce industry, they were short of funds. In the early stage, you may want to save some money on the fingerprint browser, do not use the fingerprint browser, or find a cheap brand to make a transition. This is actually very unfavorable for the long-term development of the store. If you are short of money, you can choose to Lalicat fingerprint browser. Because new users of the Lalicat fingerprint browser have a free trial. Help everyone to make preparations for the store.


Fingerprint browser segmentation can also be divided into two categories. One is to package all data directly to users and sell it directly to users for a complete registration environment. The advantage is that you can use it when you get it. The disadvantage is also obvious. It doesn’t perfectly fit the needs of users and is easy to be banned.

Second, only the modification environment is provided. The specific modification needs to be done by users themselves. Pull cat fingerprint browser is representative of this kind of browser. For novices, using  Lalicat fingerprint browser directly may take a little time, but the learning cost is not very high. Lalicat fingerprint browser can modify the browser profiles according to the user’s personalized needs, which is more in line with the user’s real needs.


A qualified fingerprint browser can change the fingerprint of the browser. An excellent fingerprint browser can also expand its functions: for example, it can be used in combination with IP proxies; the anti-association of multiple accounts, etc.


At present, there are many kinds of fingerprint browsers on the market. You can choose a suitable fingerprint browser to use according to your situation and capital.