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Facebook Multi-Account Operation – SMM

When it comes to social media marketing platforms, it’s hard not to think of Facebook. As the world’s largest interactive community, it has more than 2 billion monthly active users, attracting many brands and advertisers. At present, Facebook’s functions are more inclined to commercial social networking. Of course, since it has huge profits, it will also be accompanied by fierce competition. As a marketer, if you want to gain a foothold on Facebook and attract more traffic, you still rely on the rules and techniques of advertising.

1. Targeting the crowd, precision marketing
Facebook’s big data will accurately classify users. We need to find the optimal audience group and capture valuable customer groups to achieve the desired effect. Relying on Facebook’s advanced tools can explain the positioning methods of the three major audiences (core audiences, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences).

2. Content innovation to enhance user stickiness
In the age of information explosion, we receive tons of information every day, but most of it is indigestible. The average concentration time of a person is 8.25 seconds. How to present more content to users in these short seconds is crucial. According to analysis, people digest the information content of pictures many times as much as the content of a text, so try to present the content you want to express in the form of pictures. The content is innovative, good-looking, and useful in order to catch people’s attention.

3. Multi-account operation
In order to double the traffic and maximize the number of fans, the multi-account operation is essential. Use the main account to cooperate with the marketing account to attract fans and establish a traffic pool to maximize the benefits. However, for multi-account operations, you must pay attention to account anti-association. Facebook does not allow one person to operate multiple accounts. If the login environment of multiple accounts is the same, they will be associated, causing these accounts to be blocked at the same time.

If you want to operate multiple accounts without being associated with an account, the best way is to use Lalicat antidetect browser, which can create multiple different browser environments and effectively isolate the login environment of each account, thereby effectively preventing accounts from being blocked. association. Of course, Lalicat browser can also manage accounts more conveniently and effectively. You can operate accounts in batches without switching accounts or browsers, and manage them synchronously. Each profile of Lalicat is equivalent to a separate device.

If you want to operate a Facebook account well, you must choose the appropriate methods and tools. Lalicat antidetect browser not only brings you an ideal and stable network environment, and ensures account security, but also saves a lot of time in operating and managing accounts.