Lalicat Virtual Browser

Should e-commerce sellers use virtual browsers?

Operating multiple accounts is a necessary condition in many cases. I often register some accounts on some shopping websites, because new users will have some coupons, but if multiple accounts are created they will be banned by the platform. Many platforms do not allow users to have multiple accounts, such as Amazon, eBay, Shopee, Shopify, and others.

Not only ordinary buyers, but also sellers will face the problem. As a cross-border e-commerce seller, using multiple accounts to operate stores not only saves time, but also is cheap. But in order to prevent buyers from encountering the same goods, the platform does not allow one seller to have multiple accounts to operate stores. So if you want to create multiple accounts on these platforms, you need to use a tool – a virtual browser.

When we enter the platform, our browser fingerprint has been leaked to the platform, and then through IP and other information, the platform can easily locate an account. In such a network environment, it is impossible to register multiple accounts. Lalicat virtual browser can create multiple new browsers and bring a wide fingerprint library. You can customize a new fingerprint by using Lalicat virtual browser. With proxy IP, it is a new user, and the platform will not find the phenomenon of multi-login accounts.

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