Lalicat anti-detect browser

Does e-commerce have a dedicated browser?

Now, in the trend of economic globalization, the development of e-commerce industry is getting better and better. Many people are scrambling to join this industry. For e-commerce sellers, browser is the foundation of survival. It can be said that browser is the basic of e-commerce.

Does e-commerce have a professional browser?
Basically all e-commerce platforms are very optimistic about the buyer’s user experience. Therefore, in order to ensure the buyer’s shopping experience, the seller is often not allowed to have multiple stores, and for the sake of the seller’s fairness, the seller is not allowed to have multiple accounts for evaluation. If it is found that multiple accounts operate at the same time and judged to be associated and the platform will ban accounts. In order to deal with this situation, a browser specially designed for e-commerce users has been developed. For example, Lalicat antidetect browser.

Lalicat anti-detect browser can deal with the detection of our accounts by various platforms. It can log in multiple accounts on one computer, and will not be detected by the platform. Its anti-association is very good. Moreover, because it is through modifying the code of Chrome kernel, its compatibility and fluency are also very high, and the requirements for computer configuration are not high.

Lalicat antidetect browser carries many functions, such as multi-account login, assistance from the main and sub account groups, simulating the typing speed of real people, cloud synchronous transmission browser profiles, etc. it can be said that with the Lalicat anti-detect browser, we can solve most of our problems in the account.