Lalicat antidetect browser

What are the differences between anti-detect browsers and ordinary browsers?

Ordinary browsers like Google and Firefox can actually meet the needs of our daily life and work, so why do people invent antidetect browsers? What is an antidetect browser? What is the difference between anti-detect browsers and normal browsers such as Google and Firefox? This article will take Lalicat browser as an example to briefly introduce the difference between the two.

what is an antidetect browser?
Lalicat antidetect browser is software that completely modifies the underlying code of the Chromium kernel to help users disguise real fingerprint information to achieve real physical isolation.

What is the difference between an antidetect browser and a normal browser?
Lalicat can have multiple fingerprint information at the same time, and the ordinary browser can only have one.

What is a browser fingerprint? We can understand it as the characteristics of the browser, mainly including some information about the browser that can be obtained by the front end, such as IP, system time, browser plug-ins, screen size, user agent, etc. And in general, as long as the hardware facilities of the computer are not replaced, the browser fingerprints of the same computer are almost the same, so ordinary browsers, all have only one browser fingerprint.

Lalicat browser can disguise the fingerprint information of the browser through the underlying code of the browser’s kernel, thereby helping users to easily have multiple fingerprint information. Accounts can set different browser fingerprint parameters, which can also play a very good anti-association effect.

Lalicat antidetect browser can open multiple accounts, but ordinary browsers cannot.

Because ordinary browsers have almost unchanged browser fingerprints, so even if we open multiple browser windows at the same time when visiting a website, the website will think that the same user is operating, and it is impossible to log in to multiple accounts.

However, the unique virtual browser technology of Lalicat antidetect browser can help users virtualize multiple isolated browser profiles, so as to help users log in to the same website with different identities in different browser files. Great for those multi-account operators.

All in all, ordinary browsers are suitable for ordinary users, and antidetect multi-login browsers can be said to be tailor-made for multi-account operators.