Lalicat Virtual Browser

What is the difference between virtual browser and ordinary browser?

The biggest difference between virtual browsers and ordinary browsers is that virtual browsers are more private than ordinary browsers. Virtual browser you can understand it as an anti fingerprint browser. Its main function is to isolate a single environment for multiple accounts to ensure the security of the account.

The virtual browser is mainly used for cross-border e-commerce and other purposes that require multi-account operation and anti-association. Whether it is a cross-border e-commerce platform or other platforms, it will determine whether these accounts are used by the same person through detecting browser fingerprints. If it is determined that they are operated by the same person, the platform will determine these accounts are associated. Or some will steal your personal information through the website for other purposes. The virtual browser is developed to protect your account and privacy.

Many cross-border e-commerce merchants don’t do good work in account anti-association. The consequence is that the account is basically banned. In fact, you can use virtual browser to avoid this problem at beginning.

About Lalicat virtual browser
There are many virtual browsers, but Lalicat virtual browser has the best effect. Its privacy has always been the highest among similar browsers, and when the technical group developed this software at that time, in order to completely deal with the continuously upgraded risk control standards of the platform, it directly modified the Google kernel code to make the anti-association ability better.