Lalicat Virtual Browser

Why do cross-border e-commerce sellers need a virtual browser?

Many small partners in cross-border e-commerce often search for virtual browsers on the Internet, but they do not know what the virtual fingerprint browser is and why it can prevent accounts from being associated. Today, I will tell you about the knowledge of virtual browsers.

The virtual browser is a browser that can set computer parameters, including browser cache, graphics card information, network card information, sound card information, operating system, input method language, IP address, and other parameters.

Cross-border e-commerce sellers generally have multiple stores. If so many store accounts use one computer or one IP to log in, they will definitely be related. In serious cases, they may be closed by cross-border e-commerce platforms. At this time, the blessing of the virtual browser is required to achieve the effect of anti-association.

Some people may ask, why not buy a cloud server to prevent association? First, because the price of a cloud server is too expensive, how many cloud servers do so many accounts need to buy? Can they afford it? Second, many cloud server manufacturers do not have professional ethics, The cloud server used by others is sold to other sellers, resulting in IP pollution and serious related titles. Third, many cross-border big sellers reflect that the cloud server is very slow when logging in to the store, the running speed is slow, and even the direct web page cannot be opened. There are various indications that cloud servers are no longer suitable for cross-border sellers.

So what can replace the cloud server? The answer is the virtual browser. Take Lalicat as an example, you can choose the device and IP independently, and you can set the login environment independently, such as the browser version, UA, language, operating system, etc.

Virtual browsers not only shine in the cross-border e-commerce industry, but also play a special role in social media accounts. You can think of a virtual browser as multiple computers and multiple broadband connections. Logging in to multiple accounts in such an environment is unrelated to each other and is naturally safe.

The virtual browser can isolate multiple environments, each environment is an independent individual, and each environment corresponds to an account to log in, so there will be no abnormal account phenomenon, which can perfectly avoid platform detection measures.