Lalicat Fingerprint Browser

How to choose a good fingerprint browser?

Which is a good fingerprint browser?
At present, fingerprint browser is a very important tool for cross-border e-commerce sellers. More and more cross-border e-commerce sellers will use fingerprint browser in cities. Fingerprint browser has become a good helper for cross-border e-commerce sellers when operating stores! Fingerprint browser can help businesses solve the problem of account association, but fingerprint browser can also be good or bad. If fingerprint browser is not selected well, there will be great risks in store operation.

So how to choose a suitable fingerprint browser?
To choose a good fingerprint browser, you must first understand what is a browser fingerprint. Browser fingerprint is a necessary condition for major platforms to detect users. Browser fingerprint is composed of operating system, browser font, graphics card information, CPU model and so on. It has the same recognition and uniqueness as human fingerprint. Ordinary browsers can not realize the role of anti-association, while fingerprint browsers can modify browser parameters to make the platform think that these accounts are managed by different people.

A good fingerprint browser will also have better anti-association ability. Here we need to mention the Lalicat fingerprint browser. Now, the fingerprint identification technology for browsers on major platforms is also gradually mature. If a fingerprint browser does not update its fingerprint database in time, it will soon have problems, while Lalicat fingerprint browser will update its fingerprint database every week to ensure the security of users’ account data to the greatest extent. Lalicat fingerprint browser achieves the real fingerprint camouflage effect of the browser by modifying the bottom layer of the Chromium kernel. It can not only solve the association problem of merchant accounts, but also improve the security of merchants in store operation. Every time a merchant opens a store, the Lalicat fingerprint browser will detect it to control the risk more comprehensively and will not miss any detail!