Lalicat Virtual Browser

What are the key parameters of browser fingerprint?

Many e-commerce sellers or social media users will find that their accounts are inexplicably blocked when using multiple accounts. In fact, this is the trick of browser fingerprints. When we use the browser to visit the website, the website will get the configuration information of our computer through the browser. This information is also unique, which is why many small partners are detected and blocked by the platform when operating with multiple accounts.

How to solve this problem? What are the key parameters of browser fingerprint?

Fingerprint information of computer hardware and software
This is the most difficult to modify. The configuration information of hardware cannot be changed directly unless you change a computer. In addition, the information of software is also difficult to modify.

But now with Lalicat virtual browser, all the problems are solved. It can not only modify the fingerprint information of hardware and software but also create multiple virtual fingerprint browsers to ensure a single network environment for each account without worrying about being banned for fingerprint leakage.

As long as you have experience in cross-border e-commerce, you will know that sellers can’t use multiple accounts on one IP.

The browser’s cookie can record our account information and search records. It usually saves a folder for users, which records the websites we often visit, favorite products, and so on. This is why it has been said that cookies should be deleted before logging in to a new account.

Lalicat virtual browser is far better than other browsers of the same type in terms of correlation performance and compatibility. It is the best helper for multi-account operations.