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What do browser cookies do?

Usually, when we surf the Internet, we will find that the same platform cannot log in to two accounts at the same time. This is because when logging in, the platform will detect the browser cookie and thus recognize our identity. Is there any way to achieve multi-account login?

Have. Before revealing the answer, we need to understand what a cookie is and how it works.

Cookies are small text files stored in a web user’s browser directory or data folder. General e-commerce websites place cookies on visitors’ browsers to retain login credentials, identify customers and provide a customized shopping experience.

Cookies can be divided into two broad categories, of which there are many subsets:
Session cookies remain on the browser and retain user information until closed. When opening a new browser window, the same user is considered a new visitor and must enter their login credentials.

Persistent cookies have a specified lifetime and remain in the browser until that time period has elapsed or the cookie is manually deleted. Websites that use persistent cookies remember users even after closing the browser.

When a user logs in to a website for the first time, the web page records activity on its remote server and places a cookie in the user’s browser file. A cookie is just a small line of text, it contains no information about the user or the user’s machine, instead, it usually contains the URL of the website where the cookie was placed, a unique number generated, and the cookie’s expiration date.

When a user browses a website, each new page the user visits queries the browser, looking for cookies. If the cookie’s URL matches the website’s URL, the website retrieves user information from its server using the unique number generated. In this way, the website adjusts the user’s experience to reflect their browsing history.

How to modify the browser cookie to log in with multiple accounts at the same time?
Generally, the need for multi-account login is relatively large in the e-commerce industry, so their approach is to use an incognito browser to run multiple virtual browsers.

Lalicat incognito browser is unlike conventional browsers, it can change browser cookie data. It can generate multiple sets of different data to help sellers login to different accounts. Without previous cookie records, the platform cannot judge the identity of users, and it will treat you as a new user.

In addition to cookies, Lalicat browser can also modify various fingerprint data. In its configuration file, each environment is different and works independently, enabling multiple accounts to be online at the same time and can be managed synchronously.

Cookies are an important part of the Internet. Without them, web pages are significantly less useful and interactive. They give the website the ability to remember and improve, but at the same time, it also causes some trouble for users who need to log in with multiple accounts. Now, with incognito browsers, this problem can be perfectly solved.