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Can I batch register Gmail email accounts with anti-detect browser?

Almost all businesses engaged in cross-border e-commerce need to use email to communicate with customers, and Gmail, as a powerful email launched by Google, has become the first choice for many cross-border businesses.

Merchants who officially enter the cross-border industry will basically choose multiple stores to operate at the same time, which means they need to register multiple Gmail accounts. However, the risk control of the website is generally very strict. It will judge whether the account is related by detecting the CPU model, screen resolution, IP and other browser fingerprints of the computer. Once the account is detected, it will be sealed. It’s not easy to batch register Gmail email accounts!

How to batch register Gmail accounts?
Since Lalicat anti-detect browser can solve the registration problem, batch registration is certainly not a problem. It is a browser that can generate several physically isolated environments on the same computer and change the browser fingerprint information, so that we can open multiple browsers in different environments at the same time to register Gmail email accounts in batches.

And the anti association ability of Lalicat anti-detect browser is also very strong. It can simulate the browser hardware configuration file and change the browser fingerprint to provide an independent environment for the browser. Each environment is a new browser to help users prevent the association of multiple Gmail email accounts.

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